Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Just In...

Queen Monica makes big babies!

When we last left off Queen Monica was sailing right along in this pregnancy. She is now 34 weeks pregnant and the little princess appears to be 6 1/2 pounds already. The doctor is already talking about a possible repeat c-section. Good thing Queen Monica gave birth vaginally with no problems to two almost 9 pound girls before. This should work in her favor.

The little princess is head down and taking practice breaths. Everything, but being in the 90th %tile for size is looking good. Queen Monica will go for a non stress test next week and a growth scan the following week at the hospital and we'll see where we are from there.

In the meantime Queen Monica is very tired out from this pregnancy and ready for it to be over. Her blood pressure remains good though. She has been experiencing terrible bouts of heartburn. Where she can't eat or drink anything without terrible pain. Perhaps if the wives tale is true that lots of heartburn means a full head of hair then all of this little princesses weight is coming from the enormous amounts of hair she will have on her head.

It looks like the Barnes Bunch could be welcoming a new bundle of joy any day now though.


The Elwood Family said...

Is there a reason they are doing a NST?