Friday, December 31, 2010

Picture Catchup

So it appears that I have not been very good about sharing pictures lately. I have a month full of events we have attended and I don't believe I've shared one picture from any of them this month. So as sort of an out with the old and in with the new kind of thing, it being New Years Eve day and all, I thought I would do a few Picture Catchup posts today. So be sure not to miss one. I will have a link to all of these posts at the bottom of them though in case you do miss one.

We will start with the beginning of the month. The first weekend in December we found out about this free thing where kids could go see a helicopter. And since CJ has been so interested in helicopters and grandpa putting one in his hand we thought this would be a great way for him to see one up close and personal. And to perhaps give him a little perspective. Helicopters DO NOT fit in your hand! Best part was grandma and grandpa were able to join us so CJ was able to share this experience with grandpa.

CJ outside of the event with the blow up things

Look, Santa is flying a helicopter

Natalie, Kaitlyn, and CJ with the blow up helicopter

Kaitlyn and CJ inside the helicopter

CJ the pilot

Kaitlyn the passenger

Natalie the passenger. Grandpa is showing her the controls

And whatever you do don't touch that one!

Are we ready for take off CJ?

As you can see CJ did not want to get out of the helicopter. He sure enjoyed sitting in there. Too bad we couldn't go for a ride. Or at least see it running.