Saturday, December 11, 2010

Report Card Time

The kids came home with their first report cards of the year. I'll start with Natalie.

Middle school is truly proving to be a huge adjustment for her. I don't know how to get her to understand what she needs to do. I was very surprised when I opened up her report card and saw at 79 in her computers class. This was a class she had a 93 in October when progress reports came out. The good news is she brought up her Social Studies grade from a 77 to an 84. As a matter of fact all of her other grades went up. She ends up with 3 A's, 3 B's, and just that one C. Now obviously dropping 14 points in a class in 2 months had me hugely concerned. There was no indication that she was struggling in this class. I talked to her about it and it appears she didn't complete some of her assignments. She started out claiming that the teacher didn't give her time which of course makes no sense. Come to find out she could have gone to complete them during her Flex period or even after school. She however chose not to do that. So I'm very disappointed about this grade. She is done with computers for the year, but I still want her to complete these assignments she did not complete. So hopefully the teacher will agree with me that this will be a good lesson for her to manage her time better and get her work completed on time. She really needs to work harder on the classes she doesn't like as much.

Now for Kaitlyn's report card. She does not get letter grades. Just numbers. She had mostly 2's and 3's which means she's improving, but needs some guidance or can work independently. Everything that I expected from her. She is still below grade level in reading, but she is making improvements. She is using her "tapping" out strategies that she has been learning in her reading. Her teacher loves having her in class and says she has adjusted well to the new school and the new grade.

All in all I'm proud of Natalie for pulling up her Social Studies grade so much, but very upset about it coming at the cost of her computers grade. And Kaitlyn is doing everything I expected her to be doing. So proud of her too. Hoping that Natalie will get the whole middle school thing down soon and that Kaitlyn will continue to make great improvements in her reading.