Thursday, January 13, 2011

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant now. My sugar has been good for the most part. And at most of my appointments my doctor has been pleased with my blood pressure. However, today I had a growth scan and NST at the hospital scheduled. I was supposed to do it without any children, but the weather had other plans. So all three children in tow I headed off to the hospital for my appointment. We started out with the growth scan. Everything looked good. Two weeks ago she was 6 1/2 pounds and now she is 7 pounds 4 ounces. The doctor assured me though that this is fine. She is not a super large baby. This put her in the 70th %tile. Should I go full term then she would end up being around the same weight as Natalie and Kaitlyn were based on these measurements. So there really should be no problem with me having a vbac.

Next I had my NST. While there the nurse took my blood pressure too. And of course I forgot to take my medication this morning. Baby looks good though. I am still having contractions. They took my blood pressure numerous times and it kept going up though. So the nurse had me pee in a cup and then asked me if I have a history of bladder infections. Well, yes I have had them in my life. I've had them while pregnant. Not all of the time. I guess the urine was showing that I might be fighting off a bladder infection though. But I guess there was also some protein in my urine which could be because of my blood pressure and it could be because of this possible bladder infection. So the nurse called my doctor who wanted me to reschedule my next appointment (which was supposed to be Monday) for tomorrow. Go home, take my medicine, and rest today. I was also given a clean catch cup so I can do a urine sample in the morning for them so they can figure out if I do have a bladder infection.

So I came home after getting myself preregistered at the hospital. Took my medicine, had some water, and tried to relax. Took my blood pressure and it's still high. This isn't looking promising. I have been feeling these contractions more. Maybe I'm more uncomfortable than I realize and that's messing with my blood pressure. I've had that happen before. I rescheduled my doctor's appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully things look better. It would be nice to go another week to officially be considered full term. I'm sure she will do fine if she were born now though. I guess we'll have to see what tomorrows appointment brings. I'm relieved that all is okay with the baby and hoping that this doesn't effect my own health. Hopefully the kids will be back at school tomorrow and maybe I'll feel a little more relaxed. The bickering between them definitely doesn't help matters.