Saturday, January 8, 2011


This whole pregnancy I have been really very exhausted and in lots of discomfort. So over the past 7-8 months a lot of stuff around here has really gone by the wayside. However, yesterday and today I have been fighting through my exhaustion and pain and discomfort and getting all that stuff done around here. I completely cleaned out our bedroom yesterday. There were a bunch of boxes in there of stuff I had no place to put when we moved. I need a cabinet for all of my nick knacks. I got Joe to put all of those boxes in storage and worked really hard on cleaning up the room. I have now spent today washing just about every blanket and towel in the house. I spent an hour this morning scrubbing the grout in my bathroom and getting that all spic and span. Then I attacked the kitchen. Cleaned the counters and the cabinets. Got the stove nice and shiny and grease free. Cleaned out the sink, microwave, and crumbs from the toaster oven. I started cleaning the living room when I discovered that the kids had totally trashed CJ's room. So I got a little frustrated since my goal all day has been to get things back in order and his room was so out of order. So I ended up fixing that issue. Then went back to the living room. I do still have work to do in there though. I put clean sheets on my bed. Did some clothing laundry. I am now very tired, very sore, and very achy, but the house is really looking good. We have a place to put the baby when she comes home. Granted no clothes to put her in, but she will have a place to sleep. Hopefully my sudden urge to have everything just so will continue tomorrow so I can tackle the few things in my living room and finish up that laundry I have. Now a shower and sleeping in my clean sheets is sounding really good to me.