Saturday, January 15, 2011

I want it, I want it, I want it...

So for months now I have been in search of the perfect baby wearing apparatus. This world is totally new to me. We've never been a baby wearing bunch. For whatever reason I decided though that this time I need to do it this way. I think it will help me to breastfeed better and longer which is a huge goal of mine. I think it will just be easier with keeping up with CJ. I think this will be the one baby equipment item that will get more use than anything else we've ever bought for any of our children. The more I look into this the more I see the benefits of doing this. I don't think Joe is fully in this with me just yet, but I think I can get him there. I found the wrap that I want. It's the Storchenwiege Wrap. Here it is:

It's made in Germany and it's good and sturdy. It would last a long time and I haven't found a single bad thing about it out there. People who have them love them. The thing that I'm not so crazy about and that Joe is definitely not crazy about is the price tag. So I'm trying to see if I can find one used in the right price range. However, I am thinking for the time being I'm going to give a Sleepy Wrap a try. I saw one today. From what I can tell this would be good for a newborn anyways. So to start off with I think we'll give the Sleepy Wrap a try and I will continue to try and find the Storchenwiege Wrap at the right price. Well, that and work on Joe to seeing that this really could be a good investment. I think he needs to see this whole baby wearing thing in action. I've been throwing a lot of curve balls at him with this baby. Really, doing everything completely different than we have in the past. I think we're just at a place where we just really need to simplify things. And having the perfect baby carrier, car seat, and diaper bag really should be all we need to have a happy healthy baby. No need to be messing with those baby chairs and swings. They take up too much room and you only use them for a few months. And if she doesn't like it then it's a complete waste. But what's not to make her happy about being close to mommy's heart all the time? I mean she'll feel like she's still in the womb. And lets face it after the issues we experienced with CJ and then losing a baby I think this is just what I need to do what's right for me and this baby. After what we've been through having her close to me while still being able to do everything else a busy mom needs to do just seems like the best of everything. So really hoping I can find and get me a Storchenwiege Wrap at some point in time.