Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monica's Musings #12

Time for some more of this and that from me...

*Last week we had a squirrel in the house. It was on our back porch and in our basement, but we couldn't really figure out how it got in. We knew it was having a heck of a time getting out. We ended up luring it out with a cracker and some peanut butter on a window sill with the window slightly open. That seemed to do the trick. Now, the only way we could figure it got in was because our downstairs neighbors like to leave the back door unlocked. It has been windy and the door has blown open when it's not locked so we think it was looking around for food, came in through the open door, and then got closed in.

*Our landlord found the thing rather amusing, but also thinks the 1st floor tenants should keep the door locked. So he told us to put a note on the door from him stating that the door should be locked at all times. We didn't end up doing that until yesterday though when Joe saw what we assumed were guests of there's walk right into the house without even knocking. Just walked right through the unlocked back door which gives access to the basement where there are plenty of hiding spaces for all sorts of unwanted people. They are still not heeding the recommendation of the sign on the door though so I guess the landlord will have to be notified so he can actually talk to them about this in person.

*CJ is getting excited about the new baby. Now that we have been buying things for her he's been talking a lot about the baby in mommy's belly. I keep asking him what we should name her because we still have not decided and he keeps telling us we should name her Forty. Although, the girls have been getting him to say Jessie now because that's what they want. Who knows what it will be. Possibly "Hey you".

*I had a conference with Natalie's Social Studies teacher and Natalie last week. It was pretty eye opening. She is apparently maintaining a B in that class so far which is great, but I know if she puts the work in she can do so much better. Her Social Studies teacher gives the kids every opportunity to get that A too. She can retake any test or quiz all she has to do is ask and make the time. She knew this. She doesn't want to do retakes though which is why she never told me about that. But now she knows that I know so hopefully we'll see some improving grades for her.

*Snow days. We've had way too many of those lately. Because of our weather CJ only went to school one day this past week. There was no school on Monday for Martin Luther King day, a snow day on Tuesday, a delayed opening on Wednesday (which means CJ has no AM pre/k), a normal day on Thursday, and another snow day yesterday. They've used 4 snow days in the past 2 weeks. Only 3 more to go before they'll start taking away from April vacation and they are forecasting another snow storm for Tuesday into Wednesday. This has been a strange weather year.

*Kaitlyn is very excited that she gets to sleep over at school on Friday. Her school had the most time read at the public library this summer so as a reward to those children who participated they give them a sleepover. Kaitlyn got the invite to join and she was so excited. Joe is going with her much to his dismay. Well, unless I go into labor then my friend will be with her. I hope she has a good time.

I guess that's about it for now. Most of our focus has been on baby lately what with me seeing the doctor now at least twice a week.