Monday, January 10, 2011

Name that Baby

So to top the list of things we are totally not ready for when this baby comes pretty much any day now is a name. I think in the beginning we were really expecting it to be a boy to even things out. Not that we have a boys name chosen either or anything. Okay, well then there was the worry of losing yet another one. When we found out it was a girl though we spent some time discussing names. I insisted boy or girl this ones middle name must start with an "M". I guess that has been what has given us so many restrictions. But you see Natalie and CJ both have middle names that start with a J and Kaitlyn's starts with an M. So I wanted this one to start with an M. That we actually have picked out though. This little girls middle name is going to be Margaret. That's my grandmother's name and my cousin's name and it would have been my name had my cousin not gotten it first :). And no offense Margaret, but I must admit that growing up I sure was relieved you got that name. Of course I was always to be called Peggy and never actually Margaret either. I think Monica suits me much better though.

But anyways, the middle name has really restricted us I think at this point. It's such a long middle name. So I feel like we need to give a short first name. Joe likes Alyssa. Alyssa Margaret. Okay, say it out loud. It's really not all that bad, but it does look a little long to me. I want Alex or Alexa which Joe seems to have some sort of mental block over because he keeps saying something else when people ask. And when we discussed these names a few months back he didn't totally shoot down Alex, but now he says Alex is a boy's name and I'm not naming my daughter Alex. Ugh, this coming from a guy who once told me if we named a daughter Stephanie we'd have to call her Stevie.

Now the girls aren't much help as they like all of the names. And well CJ is even less help. I asked him the other day what we should name his baby sister and he told me, "Forty!" Ummm, yeah I think he's got some weird love connection with the number forty because that's how old he and everyone else on the planet is. Oh well, I guess at least he didn't tell us to name her Awesome since that is what he will sometimes tell people his name is. But you know the sad thing is I actually entertained the idea of naming her Forty and in my head going Forty Margaret, lol. Don't worry, I wouldn't do that to my child. We have joked that we'll just call her Four or number four or quad or something similar to that, but we won't. The plan is really to wait and meet her and then pick her name. This poor kid is going to end up nameless like I was when I was born though. The nurse actually named me. That's how the story goes anyways. I was named Patricia for about ten minutes before my dad decided I did not look like a Patricia. A day or so later the nurse came in and said you have got to name this baby. My parents were like we know. She said I looked like her daughter when she was born and my parents asked what her name was. It was Monica and that's how I got my name. So an interesting story I did get out of how I got my name at least. And maybe this little girl will be just as lucky.

But I would love to hear some suggestions of what to name this baby. The middle name is not changing. So it must go well with Margaret and not be too long. And perhaps after she is born if we still haven't decided I will post a picture and ask again what name suits her best. Girl's names have always been tricky for us. Then again though if she's a boy we are no where with that since we can't agree on a good middle name that starts with an M. At least we have a start here.