Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's 2011...

and I am ready for this little princess to come already.

Well, not really ready ready as I've bought nothing for her. That's okay though. Physically I am so ready to get this over with though. I had a non stress test again today. Baby is good and active. She is head down. Always a good thing for this mama to see. The doctor has a question mark next to my Gestational Diabetes diagnosis because I opted out of the 3 hour test, but my finger sticks have all been relatively good. So either I'm controlling it very well with diet or I just don't have it. But this big baby has her thinking I do. Or I just make big babies :). I was contracting slightly today. I didn't feel them. Surprise surprise. I was completely clueless with the girls until they broke my water. I was feeling some slight tightening though, but nothing too painful. Maybe my body is just getting ready. Maybe I was dehydrated a little. I have another NST on Monday and then my growth scan and NST at the hospital next Thursday. I'm hoping they don't see this baby as being too big. Still not sure what's in store for me. I have a date picked out of when I'd like to have her. Natalie was born on her due date, Kaitlyn was 4 days early, CJ was 8 days early, so to keep with the theme there 16 days before my due date would work nicely which I figure is January 24th. So that's 2 weeks from Monday. I think I can go another 2 weeks.