Monday, April 11, 2011

Kaitlyn is 9!

Well, today my little girl turned 9. I think she had a really good day too. She was all smiles and super excited to go to school today. After all, her name was going to be announced during morning announcements and mommy and daddy were coming to her school for lunch today. So we sent a very excited little girl off to school today and I finished making this for her:Those are her cupcakes which I brought with me to school when we brought her lunch.

She requested Checkers for lunch which got a lot of kids saying how lucky she was. Here she is eating.

CJ came too and had some Checkers although he didn't eat too much.

A lot of kids commented on how cute Kaitlyn's little brother and sister are. Kaitlyn really wanted CJ to come out for recess with her. So we told her we could stay for a few minutes, but then had to go because we still had to get her birthday present. They had fun going down the slide together though. We left and went to Walmart to get Kaitlyn's birthday present.

Her present wasn't able to be wrapped. So we had to surprise her somehow. So we blindfolded her.

And boy was she surprised.

A new bike how great. Too bad her helmet doesn't fit so she can't ride it until we get a new helmet.

She requested crab legs for dinner which her and Joe were the only ones who would eat. Natalie and I had salad and CJ had spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner it was time for cake.

I think all her wishes might have come true today though. A super birthday for a super 9 year old. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!