Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think he has some sinus thing...

That's what CJ's teacher was saying to me last week. Actually, she has said it to me before. CJ's nose pretty much runs from about mid fall until about mid spring every year. It goes back and forth from being just completely gross looking to not so bad, but he's just the booger kid. Being child number 3 for me if he's not acting sick I don't usually bring him to the doctor. So he has been eating, sleeping, and playing as usual just with the occasional stop because he's got to blow his nose. We are in the home stretch. This should be clearing up soon with him once the nice warm weather gets here to stay. However, since his teacher commented about it twice to me last week I figured all right I'll call the doctor. Get a medical professional to say he's just fine. I'm guessing most of the kids in CJ's class are first child and every sniffle the parents rush them to the doctor so with CJ the teacher probably isn't used to this. If I had to keep him out of school for every runny nose though he would have missed most of the year.

But Monday I brought him into the doctor. I explained that I wasn't too worried about it, but the school is. And the doctor shook her head and was telling me how a runny nose is the sign of a healthy immune system and chances are it's nothing. Just as I expected. But the doctor, like me, wanted to humor the school. So she checked him out. His sinuses are fine, but his ear is not. Go figure. He has ear infection number 3 since December. Not a complaint either which the doctor was surprised about. So we go through the normal drill, if he's not better in a few days bring him back in and blah blah blah. I said okay so if his nose doesn't look a little better in a few days I should bring him in? After all that's really the only "symptom" he had. So the doctor kind of laughed and said yes, but she also told me we could do an ear recheck at Alyssa's next checkup in June. So I squeezed CJ in with Alyssa's next appointment for an ear recheck. Good thing the cold weather is going away. Summer can't get here fast enough that's for sure.

But generally speaking a runny nose is the sign of a healthy immune system apparently. So unless you've got a kid who's oblivious to pain like apparently I do then you probably don't need to bring him to the doctor for every single runny nose.