Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bring your daughter to work day 2011

Today was bring your daughter to work day. Joe had asked his boss a while ago if he could bring Natalie and he was given the okay. So he got her a work shirt, hat, and apron to wear today. And this morning I dropped her and Joe off at work at 7:30 so Natalie could learn what Daddy does all day. She was super excited to go, although I think mostly to get out of doing school work. Unfortunately for her she still has to complete her homework assignments and I am having her write a paper about what she did today. So not completely free from school work.

I had stopped in after dropping CJ off at school this morning to see how it was going and she loved it.

You can hardly see her behind the counter

Here I am!

She said she wanted to go there everyday instead of school.

She had asked if she was going to get paid for today. I told her she was getting paid in knowledge of knowing what Daddy does all day long. She wasn't too thrilled with that. She did have a good time though.

When I picked them up later she said she had a great day. She waited on customers and put seafood in the case. She learned the difference between different fish. She got some strange looks from people too and one customer asked Joe if she was old enough to work there. He explained to her that it was bring your daughter to work day.

I'm glad she got to experience this because I remember doing it with my dad when I was in school and it was always neat to get to see where my dad worked and what he did everyday. Now granted with Joe working at a grocery store we frequently visit him at work, but this time she got to see more of what he does besides the waiting on customers part.