Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Gala

On Saturday Natalie had signed up with her Kids in the Middle group (KIM) to help out at the public library's annual Easter Gala. They had Easter egg dying, face painting, the Easter Bunny, and a magic show. So we figured we would take the little ones to the event that Natalie was working. There were a lot of people there, but still it was a fun time.

We had a picture of all four kids taken with the Easter bunny. We weren't allowed to use our own camera and the photographer was pushing through the line so he didn't even attempt a second picture so we could actually see Alyssa's face so this is what we got. Alyssa is in the bunny's arms.

Natalie was working the dye an Easter egg station. So she helped her little brother and sister dye their eggs.

Then they went and got their face painted.

CJ wanted to be a bunny

Kaitlyn wanted a butterfly

Kaitlyn and CJ

Natalie had gone and gotten her face painted too and then went back to work. She was getting a little board and aggravated with some of the children who were not being watched by their parents very well.

When the Gala was over we came home for lunch and then Joe took the two big ones to the park to ride their bikes before the rain came. I stayed home with the two little ones. When Joe came home it was time to get ready to go to the annual Penny Auction. Always a fun event. We won two prizes this year although neither one we can really use, but that's okay, it goes to a good cause. All the excitement of the day though really wore Alyssa out.
She looks so peaceful.

It was a busy but fun Saturday.