Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kaitlyn's 9th birthday party

Today we had Kaitlyn's 9th birthday party. It was a beautiful spring day for a butterfly party. And Kaitlyn had so many wonderful friends come to her party. It was so nice to see so many of her school friends come out and celebrate with us. She doesn't usually have that many friends at her parties. Just another reason why our move has been so great for her though. In a short time she has made so many wonderful friends who know just what she likes. She got plenty of Tinkerbell, butterfly, and craft things. Just what a Kaitlyn would order. So here's her super fun Butterfly Birthday Party:

The cake

The birthday girl and her friends

Time to play pin the antennae on the butterfly:

Time for cake:

Time for presents:

This was what the pin the antennae on the butterfly game looked like when it was all over. Notice the one way on the wall? There's always someone that's way off, but it always gives everyone a really good laugh. Thank you everyone who came to celebrate Kaitlyn's 9th birthday. She had such a great time.