Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sick boy causes canceled birthday party

It all began at 5 a.m. this morning. CJ cried, Joe went to check on him, got him to lay back down, and not one minute later he was screaming. Joe went back in and CJ began vomiting everywhere. I was feeding Alyssa so wasn't much help as if I had stopped we would have had two screaming children. So Joe took over like a champ and washed up CJ and got the sheets off the bed and in the wash. When I finished feeding Alyssa I went to check on my poor little boy. He wasn't warm or anything and was acting just fine so we were hopeful that that was that. Joe was awake at this point and so was CJ so they stayed on the couch while I went back to bed with Alyssa.

An hour later CJ was throwing up again and then another hour after that and an hour after that. Joe handled it while I slept or fed Alyssa. When I got up Joe and I discussed what we should do about Natalie's birthday party tonight. Natalie was still asleep and oblivious to the fact that her brother had been throwing up every hour for the past 3 hours. So I told Joe that he could take the girls over to the bowling alley while I stayed home with Alyssa and our poor sick little boy. So we went in and talked about it with Natalie.

Natalie was understandably disappointed and also wanted me at her birthday party so she wasn't sure she wanted to go bowling without me. So we discussed doing it a different day, but realized we had plans for the next two weekends and Natalie didn't want to wait so long to have her party either. So we told her to think about it.

Meanwhile CJ continued the trend of throwing up every hour. I gave more thought to what we could do and said hey, why does it have to be a Saturday night? So I told Natalie how about Friday night or the Friday after. Well, Natalie DID NOT want Friday the 13th. I guess she doesn't want to jinx anything with her birthday party anymore. As it is her sleepover has become a non sleepover. Only one friend could come and she couldn't spend the night. So we decided we'd try for Friday the 6th. I called Natalie's friend and left a message in hopes that Friday would work okay for them.

Joe took Natalie fishing. CJ threw up again and then fell asleep. He woke up wanting something to drink. It had finally been more than an hour since he threw up so we tried. It didn't work though. It came back up. Natalie and Joe had come home from fishing at this point. Natalie's friend's mother called and said Friday would be fine, but it will have to be a little later. I said that was fine. So we're trying again for Friday night.

CJ threw up again and went to sleep again. He got up all excited saying he felt better and wanting something to drink. So being that it had been a while since he threw up I got him something to drink. Things were looking good. He kept it down for nearly an hour and now he's throwing up again. So it's a good thing we canceled the party. I don't know what is going on with my boy, but I hope he starts keeping something down soon. Natalie is disappointed about her party and I feel bad for her too. Hopefully she can still have a good time on Friday and nothing else happens to mess this up for her. And most importantly lets hope no one else gets this stomach thing that CJ has.