Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 months of Alyssa

I think I blinked and half a year went by. Alyssa is now officially 6 months old. Here's a little peek of how she has grown and changed over the last six months...

She is getting so big. I'm going to guess that she's probably around 14 pounds now. We won't find out for sure for a couple more weeks though. But here is what she has been up to.

She is still exclusively breastfed. Although, I think that will be changing very soon. She is getting much more interested in other food and has been nursing much more often so I think it might be time to add a little more to her diet.

Teething has begun. No teeth yet, but she is drooling and hands are usually in her mouth when she's awake. She chomps down hard on anything she gets her hands on.

She is very interested in toys now. Her feet are a pretty big hit too. If she doesn't have a toy in her hand then her feet are.

She is getting better and better at sitting unassisted everyday. She can pull herself up into a seated position too if she is partially propped up.

Alyssa pretty much always has to have her eyes on me. She definitely knows who I am and that I am her food source. If I'm in the room she will practically jump out of who ever's arms are holding hare to get to me if she's hungry.

Alyssa likes to roll around. Diaper changes have gotten fun with her trying to turn over every time.

Speaking of diapers we are still cloth diapering. It hasn't been all that bad. It seems to be working out nicely.

As far as sleeping goes she is still getting up at night. It's not too bad though. She wakes once to eat and I usually just lay down and feed her and will fall asleep while she eats. So it hasn't been causing too much less sleep for me.

Alyssa has certainly found a place in our family and our hearts. We are all enjoying watching her grow and change and try new things. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next six months are going to bring for her too.