Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day Of School 2012

I know I'm still going through all of our summer pictures and adventures because I have been just awful about getting those posts up.  Sorry about that, but I'm taking a break from our summer to share with you back to school.

The kids started school today.  Natalie's in 8th grade, Kaitlyn is in 5th grade, and CJ is in Kindergarten.  Natalie really did not want to go so I'm hoping she's having fun.  Kaitlyn couldn't wait to get back and I actually won't even really get to hear about her first day until late tonight or tomorrow because she is going to a football game with a friend after school today.  And then there's CJ who is starting Kindergarten.  Oy, how does this happen?  It's a transitional year for all three of them and I think it's going to be great.

8th grade for Natalie is starting out a little bumpy as I don't agree with her course schedule.  We will have to wait 4 weeks to see about changing that though.  5th grade for Kaitlyn isn't exactly what we had hoped for as far as a teacher goes, but I am pleased with who she got none the less and we'll make the most of that as well.  I'm relieved that CJ didn't get the mystery teacher this year because up until oh about yesterday they had no idea who was teaching the other Kindergarten class.  So he had at least had a chance to meet his teacher before school started which I'm hoping was helpful for him.

So today we had 3 nervously hopefully excited kids heading off to school.

Natalie all ready to start 8th grade

My 3 school kids

CJ was looking at Daddy

Got him to look at me, but he looks petrified

Gosh, she's so pretty

Everyday, I swear she looks more and more like my mom

There's my happy handsome boy

CJ and Kaitlyn ready to go on the bus together

Walking to the bus stop

Deep in thought at the bus stop

Little social butterfly

And off they go on the bus
CJ will actually be home very soon and I hope he's feeling chatty.  He wasn't allowed to sit in the back of the bus with his sister which I'm hoping he's okay with because Kaitlyn said he could sit in back with her.  Last years bus driver apparently allowed that.  This year she said no, but Kaitlyn could sit up front.  So she sat with him on the way to school.  Well, at least until she was out of our sight.

Looking forward to a really great school year.  Now to research local magnet schools for Kaitlyn.  Just trying to explore all of our options.