Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Drive In

We try to head out to the drive in every summer.  I think we missed out on it last summer, but we jumped at it this year.  Fourth of July fireworks had been canceled on the 4th because of some expected bad weather which of course never happened.  So we ended up with a low key 4th with our neighbor and our own fireworks.  And then the next day instead of going to the fireworks we normally go to on the 4th we headed to the drive in to see Spider Man and Brave.  It was a fun night with lots of excitement because our vans battery died and we had a heck of a time getting it jump started with the help of some kind strangers.  You don't want to know what everyones face looked like by the end of the night, but here were some pictures before the movies started.

CJ hanging out in the car.

Natalie hanging out

Goofy Kaitlyn

Giddy Lissy



What ya doin' CJ?

Pretty Natalie

Me and my girl

CJ drinking a juice

CJ next to an old speaker box at the drive in

Deer caught in the headlights

Kaitlyn hanging in the car

Gremlin CJ

Say cheese

Cuddling up to watch the movie
So in spite of the crazy end of the night we had tons of fun.  Looks like that might be the only time we get out to the drive in this summer too.