Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Hampshire Vacation Day 5

Okay, again day 4, no pictures.  Here's what we did, a bunch of nothing, lol.  Not really, it started out kind of rainy so we were looking for an indoor activity.  We ended up at this place that had arcade games for the kids to play.  It ended up being much smaller than we anticipated so it didn't take long at all to play everything a few times.  So we went in search of a Christmas Ornament to remember our trip by and we found this place that was kind of like Christmas all year round.  It was great, and we found an ornament that we were able to personalize.  Each one of us is represented, even our little Angel Celeste Alia.  That makes me smile.

We went out for lunch, went to Walmart, and then back to the house for the night where we hung out and prepared dinner.

The next day we went on the search for a place to fish.  This was easier said than done when you don't have a boat.  We did manage to find a small spot where we could fish though. 

A crane or something we spotted

Getting started fishing

Cheese, I caught a fish!

I love this picture. Brother and sister fishing together

Kaitlyn fishing

CJ caught another one

Alyssa wanted to touch it

Another favorite of mine, Joe fishing with Alyssa.

And she caught a fish too.

She's not afraid to get her hands dirty.
Everyone's having a great time.  Check back later for the last few days of our trip.  There was some letter boxing and a trip to the beach on our way back home.