Friday, August 24, 2012

New Hampshire Day 6

Continuing on with what we did this summer.  This was day 6 of our vacation.  The weather was a little cooler and not really swimming weather, but it was perfect for Letterboxing.  Everyone was skeptical about it, but it was great.

The view of The Saco River

Natalie, CJ, and Kaitlyn

The Saco River

The Saco River

Heading into the woods

Over the bridge

Through the woods

Some stumps along the path

CJ and Natalie posing on a stump

Kaitlyn on the stump

Walking along the river

Got a walking stick

Found a clue, almost there

Found the letter box

It was near an amazing spot with an amazing view

Getting a closer look at the river

Heading back we found this chair tree, Natalie took a rest

CJ in the tree

Joe in the tree

Me and Alyssa in the tree

Kaitlyn in the tree

CJ and Kaitlyn on a stump

Got them both looking

Natalie resting on the stump

Back over the bridge

After Letter Boxing we went to a chocolate factory and got some chocolate and then everyone was thirsty so we got some slurpees and headed back to the house where we decided we needed to explore the old train tracks by the house.
Everyone, even Alyssa walking down the road.
So that was how we spent our 6th day there.  With lots of walking and hiking.  It was a fun day.  So fun we did it all over again our last full day there.  Come back tomorrow to see how that went.