Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Hampshire Vacation

The next several posts are going to be from our vacation to New Hampshire which we took in the middle of July.  We headed up to Conway New Hampshire and enjoyed beautiful scenery, lots of woods, river fun, and letter boxing.  There was a little shopping thrown in there too.  It was a great week and everyone wants to go back again next year.

Day 1

On the road, Natalie's desperately trying to stay awake

CJ in the car and super excited

The mountains as we were driving in.

We're there and having a little lunch before we explore

Natalie not happy with me

Taking a picture of Kaitlyn taking a picture

CJ found toys to play with

The Saco River a short walk from the house we stayed in.

CJ sitting by the river

CJ and Natalie getting their feet wet

The water was cold

Heading back to the house

Natalie doing a little target practice with her new hobby

What great form

Joe teaching CJ how to shoot his pellet gun

Kaitlyn's turn

Shooting the can

Alyssa playing in the canoe

In the house this cute little chair was a favorite of Alyssa's
There was a lot jam packed into that first day.  Including numerous trips by Alyssa up the stairs.  She was real fast by the time we left.  Check back later for day 3 pictures (I didn't get any pictures on day 2).