Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Hampshire Vacation Day 3

No, you didn't miss a day.  Day 2 I had no pictures of.  We spent the day shopping and exploring so I didn't end up taking any pictures.  Day 3 we went swimming at the Saco River though.  Well, there wasn't much actual swimming happening because it wasn't very deep and there were a lot of rocks.  Everyone had a good time though.

Alyssa playing in the water

CJ heading in

The girls attempting to swim

Alyssa and I on the shore

Alyssa was having fun covering me with mud

Joe made a boat, the kids were going to help him send it off

Bon Vouyage

6 rocks to represent our family floating down the river

We found this caterpillar

CJ let it crawl all over

Down his fingers

Getting a good look at him

Okay Dad go put him in a tree

So that was our adventure for Monday.  Next will be Wednesday because again Tuesday I took no pictures.   Check back tomorrow for that.