Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Hampshire Vacation Day 7

Our last full day in New Hampshire.  It was a little chilly still and since everyone had so much fun letter boxing we decided to do it again.  We found one that had more than one letter box you had to find.  Two were missing, but it appears other people had the same problem.  It was still fun none the less.

View of the mountains

CJ liked this car

Had to have his picture with it

Natalie and CJ at the start of the walk

It's a fitness walk

Natalie doing the fitness challenge

CJ doing the fitness challenge

Kaitlyn doing the fitness challenge

Found the first letter box

Just a mini box

Moving along

Heading back
 After we did that we decided to stop on the way back at some of the shops to do a little shopping.
Tried to get a picture of the 4 kids in front of this old fashioned car

3 modern age kids with an old fashioned car
 Then it was back to the house to prepare a boat that Joe had made to set out to sale.
Joe's boat with a few sacrificial <strike>lambs</strike> toys taking a ride

Natalie went out into the river to send the boat off

Floating down the river

It's going to hit that rock

Maybe not, looks like it wasn't going to make it far though

On our way back Alyssa looking at a flower

Here, want the flower?

Natalie is such a good big sister, giving her brother a piggy back ride.
And that was how we spent the last day.  The next day we packed the car, but the fun wasn't over.  We made a stop on the way home.  Check back later to see what we did before we made it home.