Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Craft Night

Every year in December our PTA does a Holiday Craft night. We get together and decorate little wooden ornaments with glitter and sequins. Our tree is covered with these ornaments. At four for a dollar who can pass up all of those ornaments? The past two years we have had problems with the weather and have had hardly anyone attend. So we weren't exactly prepared when all of the people came walking in that door. We checked our supply of ornaments and were sure that the 200 or so we had would be plenty. We quickly were running low though. We did manage to give everyone what they wanted, but the late arrivals had to be turned away. Still, it was a nice night of crafting, popcorn, juice, and candy canes. And right after Christmas I will stock back up on those ornaments for next year. I figure 500 or so should be good.