Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jessie Flaws Crowther: August 20, 1906 - December 21, 2009

Nanny 1906-2009

Another soul went on to heaven yesterday. Joe's grandmother passed away on December 21st. She was an amazing 103 years young. A wonderful woman. I remember when Joe first brought me to meet her at her house on Central Ave in Bridgeport, CT. She was in her early 90's then. I remember thinking wow she's very active for her age. She took care of the house she had lived in for sixty plus years of her life. She got out every week to get her hair done. What a great woman. So sweet.

Everyone called her Nanny. She lived a long life that wasn't always so good to her. Her husband died young leaving her with a child to raise on her own. And then her daughter died way too young. She lost a brother and a sister and then a granddaughter and great granddaughter before her.

She has an amazing story though. She was born in Scotland in 1906. She married an English man and had one child with him before he passed away when their daughter was just a baby. She took her daughter at a very young age from England over to the United States to give her a better life. When she came over she worked at Bridgeport Hospital for many years before finally retiring. She raised her daughter all on her own. Her daughter went on and had six children. Those six children went on to produce 24 great grandchildren for her and then there were even 3 great great grandchildren. So she has left a lot of people to remember her and carry her story on. And she has lots of souls to love her in heaven.

So Nanny, we know you are in good hands with your daughter Jean and granddaughter Joanne and great granddaughter Celeste. May they guide you and keep you safe. We love you and miss you.

Nanny with a 3 year old Natalie and a 4 month old Kaitlyn after Kaitlyn's baptism