Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Play and Learn Christmas Party

Today was our playgroup Christmas party. The main reason I've been pushing myself to get my baking done all week. Something I look forward to every year. Boy, I'm going to miss this when I no longer have children young enough for playgroup. This year Joe was off from work so he got to come with us so that was a huge treat. We had a good time and when it was all over we went to Kaitlyn's class to help put together gingerbread houses. And you know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words so I'll let the pictures do the talking...

CJ at the playdough table

CJ on the slide

CJ going down the slide

Here comes Santa Claus looking a little thin this year

Santa all settled saying hi to the boys and girls

CJ was called up for a gift and he ran right up there. Not at all afraid

Coming back with his gift

Opening his gift

CJ look over here

No CJ, I can't see your face

A good picture of him with his new toy, a Santa Spud

Now it's time to go to Kaitlyn's class to help out with her gingerbread house...

CJ fits right in at school. He pulled a chair right up to Kaitlyn's desk and went to work on his coloring with her

Making friends already

Kaitlyn's gingerbread girl that she made while other kids were doing their gingerbread house

Such a fun filled day. And as always my cookies were a hit. It's always good to get no tears from CJ when he sees Santa. And we had lots of fun helping the kids put together Gingerbread houses. Too bad we can't return on Friday to help decorate them.