Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanks for Making a Wish Come True

I should have blogged about this Saturday, or even Sunday when it happened, but life got in the way. Remember my birthday wish? I asked you to help donate to bring Kellsey home. Well, she's home! She came home on Saturday. Perhaps the reason I didn't say anything is because I still can't believe it's true. Kellsey is here. It's been a year long process for the Garcia's, but now here they are a family of SEVEN...

Kellsey is adjusting very well to life in America and with a loving family. The kids adore her. She adores the kids. They are all so happy to have her here. Kellsey isn't used to the food and they have been having fun trying to figure out what to feed her. But she's eating better and better. But hey, if anyone knows any traditional Ukraine or Eastern Europe recipes that she might enjoy please feel free to share here so I can pass them along to Renee. Because she just wants her girls to eat already. This is all just so amazing though. So thank you to whoever was able to help bring Kellsey home!

Kennedy greeting her new baby sister

Kennedy and Kellsey

Kassidy and Kellsey

The Garcia Girls


Erin said...

INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!