Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week In Review: November 29 - December 5, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for November 29 - December 5, 2009

Sunday: Got up and got the kids breakfast. Joe went to work. The kids and I just hung around at home. Fed them lunch and put CJ down for a nap. A relaxing Sunday afternoon. CJ got up from his nap. Joe came home from work. The kids watched the Tinkerbell movie while I got dinner ready. We ate. The kids finished watching their movie and I gave CJ a bath. When the girls were done watching their movie they took a shower. Got everyone ready for bed and sent them to bed. Joe and I watched some TV and then we went to bed.

Monday: Got up early to bring Joe to work. Had to wake the girls up. Got them ready and we left. Came home and the girls and CJ had breakfast. Finished getting ready for school and brought them to school. I went in with them and got a fundraiser out of the closet for someone who was supposed to come pick up a fundraiser. They were a no show which was a huge waste of time. Came home for a few before having to go back out for my WIC appointment. After that I stopped at the bank and then home for lunch and CJ's nap. Put CJ down for his nap and then made some phone calls. CJ got up from his nap and we went to pick the girls up from school. Came home and they did their homework and we went to pick Joe up from work. Then we went to look at an apartment, but the person didn't show up. So we came home and had dinner. Searched for other apartments and called about a few and decided to go out and see if we could find one that we set up to look at the next day. Found it and then went to Job Lots to look at Christmas lights. Then we came home and got the kids ready for bed. The girls weren't going to sleep though because they didn't have their night light. So Joe was trying to fix that problem when the breaker popped. So he had to go fix that and then reset the clocks and finish changing the light bulb. Finally they went to sleep and Joe and I watched TV. Then I took a shower and we went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up and got the kids ready for school. Joe went to work. He took the car. So I bundled everyone up and we walked to school. Came back home and unfroze mine and CJ's frozen hands. Then he spent the morning driving me nuts by getting into everything. I washed some dishes and cleaned up the counters a little. Fed CJ lunch and put him down for a nap. Then I went through the cabinet under the sink to clean it out. Before I knew it it was time to go pick the girls up from school. Joe called and said he'd get them on his way home from work. So I changed CJ and got a call from someone about an apartment. Arranged to go look later in the afternoon. The kids came home from school and started on homework. They were both in combative moods though and were fighting my help. I finally got Joe to help Kaitlyn with hers while I helped Natalie and got her to understand and then it was time to go. We looked at the apartment, but not the one that's actually for rent. We weren't over the moon about it or anything. On Monday we should be able to get in to see the actual apartment though to see how well it's maintained. We left there with the application and drove around before having to go look at another apartment. That one was not what it was advertised to be at all. It was a good size, but really not a 3 bedroom like it said. So we left with not much intentions of getting that one and feeling defeated. Came home and cooked dinner. CJ wouldn't eat so after fighting with him over that he went to bed early for the night. The girls stayed up a little while longer before going to bed and then once they were in bed Joe and I watched some TV. I did a couple loads of laundry too. Then we went to bed.

Wednesday: Got up and brought Joe to work. Came home and got the kids ready for school. I dropped the girls off at school and then went to run a quick errand and back to school for playgroup. Had a nice time at playgroup and then came home. CJ had lunch and then took a nap. I laid down for a little while too. Then it was time to go get the girls from school. Got CJ and we left. Picked up the girls and then went to get Joe from work. We did some shopping and then came home for the girls to start homework. Then we had to leave to look at another apartment. We loved this one. We filled out the application right then and there. We are hoping to get it. He's supposed to make a decision by the weekend. It is in much better condition than where we are now. And it's bigger. The bedrooms are much larger. There's lots of storage. Including storage in the basement which is locked storage so you don't have to worry about anyone taking your stuff. So we left there and came home discussing what we would like to do with that place if we get it and made dinner. Ate and played with the kids. They went to bed and Joe and I watched TV. Then we went to bed.

Thursday: Got up and got the kids ready for school. Joe went to work and I walked to school. Very shocked at the 60 degree weather in December. Got the girls to school and walked back home. Cleaned up the kitchen. Played with CJ. Fed him lunch. Put him down for a nap. Got a phone call from the owner of the apartment we had looked at yesterday. He was interested in moving forward with us. Very exciting. I got CJ up from his nap and went to pick the girls up from school. Walked back home and worked on homework. Joe got home from work and we talked about moving. I cooked dinner and we ate. Then I gave CJ a bath to get all the cheese out of his hair. Got him ready for bed. Sent the girls to get their pj's on. They watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and then went to bed. Joe and I watch Four Christmases together. I went and took a shower and then we went to bed.

Friday: Got up and got the kids ready for school. Out the door early to go pop popcorn. I went to talk to the principal about our moving and letting the kids stay at the school. We popped the popcorn and our friend's took CJ back to their house while I went down to the FRC to talk to someone. Then we went back to our friend's house so we could go out to lunch together. We had a nice lunch and said our goodbyes. Then Joe and I went to get gas, to the dollar store, and then to get some soda. Then home. I counted the popcorn money. Got change together for the Craft Night that night. Went to pick the girls up from school while Joe stayed home with a napping CJ. Then we came home and hung around until it was time to go to the Holiday Craft Night. Had a nice turn out. A good time. Cleaned up and Joe and I went to get something for us to eat. Came home and put CJ to bed. The girls stayed up working on the activity sheets from the craft night. Then they went to bed. Joe and I stayed up watching TV a little while longer and then went to bed.

Saturday: Got up early while Joe was getting ready to go to work. CJ got up and shortly after the girls too. Joe left for work. I hung around most of the morning. Fed the kids breakfast, but didn't really do too much. I washed dishes and bagged up all of the bottles and cans. Put CJ down for a nap. Joe came home from work. We had lunch. Got CJ up from his nap. Got him dressed and the girls dressed and I got dressed. Then we went and met the landlord of our new apartment and gave him a deposit and checked around to see if we needed anything else fixed. We can move in as soon as we get him the rest of the money. Then we went across the street to Once Upon a Child to do some shopping. I found Christmas outfits for all of the kids and a few other things they were in need of. Met some friends there. They didn't have as much luck as me. Then we went up to the Christmas Tree Shop. Got some ornaments there and Advent calendars for the kids. Then we went to Hometown Buffet with our friends for dinner and came home. Driving through the first real snow of the season. It was a bit scary. Got home and safe and cozy. Got the kids ready for bed. Sent them to bed and then Joe and I just hung around on the computer and watching TV. I took a shower and got ready for bed. Kept thinking about what I was doing One Year Ago Today.

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