Monday, March 15, 2010

Art Show

A few weeks ago I was told that Kaitlyn's art work was chosen to represent her school in a state wide art show. I was told I'd be getting something in the mail about it soon. And I did. And they were having a reception on the day I was throwing my friend's baby shower at the same time. Joe was going to take Kaitlyn to it while I stayed at the baby shower. When we asked Kaitlyn what she wanted though she said she wanted to stay at the shower. We told her we'd be able to look at her artwork anytime until Friday though so we would do that. And that's just what we did after picking up the kids from school today. We brought them to the art exhibit. We are so proud of our little artist.

Kaitlyn with her art work above her head

"The Yellow Face"

We told Kaitlyn it kind of looked like Sponge Bob. So since it's clearly a girl I asked Kaitlyn if it was Sponge Bob's girlfriend. She said yes, it's Sponge Barbara. Her teacher titled it "The Yellow Face".