Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hoping the Sickies are Winding Down

Well, a little over a month ago we made a trip to the doctor's office to confirm my mommy diagnosis of Kaitlyn having a bladder infection. Rapid test said no, but she had all of the symptoms so she was put on antibiotics. And a few days later after the lab results came back we got a confirmed diagnosis of bladder infection and a new antibiotic to tackle it. And she quickly got all better.

Now, here we are again. Kaitlyn needing another trip to the doctor to confirm another mommy diagnosis this time of strep. And yet again mommy was right. Hey, I'm 2 for 2 with Kaitlyn this year.

CJ on the other hand I keep jumping the gun with. CJ has had a couple of colds the past few months. He's got one now. While we were at the doctor today for Kaitlyn I thought I better have the doctor give him a once over. Just to help put mommy's worries at ease. I figured it was probably just a cold, but his boogers and snot has been kind of yellow/green. And very thick. Nothing else going on with him really. So I asked the doctor to look. She gave him the all clear. It's just a cold. Of course it could develop into something more. It's rare for a child his age to get strep, but with someone in the house with it it is possible. Hard to tell with a 2 year old though what hurts so that's why mommy has a harder time diagnosing.

So Kaitlyn is home from school for another day tomorrow. Hopefully Thursday she feels well enough to go back. I think she will. She wanted to go to school today, but I didn't like the looks of her throat. So she stayed home today. I am hoping this will be the last of the sickies in our house for a good long time too. We've had our fare share I think this year. It would be nice to not be on the monthly visiting of the doctor schedule.