Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pins, Pizza, and Pop

Our local bowling alley has a deal on Saturday evenings from 5-8 of Pins, Pizza, and Pop. Two hours of bowling, pizza, and soda for one low price. So we decided to do that with the kids tonight. What a great gross motor activity to do with CJ who needs a little work with gross motor skills ;). We had a blast. The pizza left a lot to be desired, but everything else was great.

CJ all ready to bowl

Ready, 1, 2, 3, bowl

There goes the ball

Kaitlyn's turn

Natalie's turn

Scores from the first game. Yes, Joe won and me and Kaitlyn tied

After the first game Natalie decided she wanted to try without the bumpers. So we turned the bumpers off for her and she gave it a go.

Natalie and Kaitlyn watching the action

Natalie's attempt at bowling without bumpers

CJ lifting the ball

I'm going to pick up that ball

Dropped the ball

The score from the 2nd game. Not too bad for Natalie for the 1st time without bumpers. And yes, Joe won again and Kaitlyn beat me. I got a blister on my thumb.

We tried to squeeze one more game in on the night. We managed to get a little more than halfway through it. These were the scores as we ended the evening.
Look, Natalie was improving. She would have beaten her score if we could finish the game. And CJ was having a really good game.

It was a very fun family evening together.