Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Laid Plans

So a few days ago I posted about My Upcoming Week. I thought for sure there would be no time for a blog post. And yet here I am Monday morning writing a blog post. How could it be? Well, as they say best laid plans. CJ got very sick yesterday.

Doesn't he look awful? He couldn't keep anything down yesterday. Just laid on the couch much like that. If he wasn't sleeping or whimpering he was throwing up. Poor guy.

I am happy to report that he is MUCH better today. He's not really eating, but he's keeping his drinks down and what little he does eat. However, I decided that bringing him to the school to work the book fair for 4 hours just was not fair to him, to me, or to the children at the school. Plus, truth be told I am exhausted. I ended up with a lot of extra laundry from yesterday too. So I was sure that the book fair was well manned for the day and felt secure in staying home. Okay, well I did stop in this morning to give the cash box and change and a few instructions.

So today CJ and I are just hanging out at home. Well, that is until 1 when I have to pick his sisters up. It's actually a nice break from what I thought was going to be one super crazy week. I will still be going tonight though. Joe will be home from work to stay with the kids so I can go to the book fair and hand out the fundraiser. So as they say best laid plans...

Sometimes life throws you curve balls and we have to make the best of it so that's just what I'm doing. Can't say I am too upset about staying home. I'm glad that I have trustworthy parent helpers there to fill in for me though. That helps a lot with my guilt ;).