Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Potty Dance

I have watched commercials for pulls ups about the potty dance. And of course thought well that will never get my kid to use the potty. Then I noticed that my ready to potty train 2 year old was watching it. So I said well there's no harm in going to the website and downloading the song. So I did, and he LOVES it! After watching it once I got CJ to get his potty chair. And after wearing it as a hat for a few I got him to sit on it. Okay, no big deal he's sat on it before, but he flips out if he's bare naked on the potty. And well, keeping your pants on to go potty just isn't going to work. So going step by step with this and getting him accustomed to the potty chair as more than just a fun hat to wear I took his sleeper off and his diaper off and sat him on the potty. And he sat there. He did not scream. He did not get up sleeper around his ankles and try to run and fall flat on his face. He sat for a while. He watched the potty dance while sitting on the potty. He did not go potty yet, but I am pleased with his progress. I guess this Potty Dance song is going to be a huge part of his potty training. So thanks Pull Ups! I won't actually be using Pull Ups for potty training because it has been my experience that they are too close to diapers and they feel free to still go while in them, but we will be watching the Potty Dance a lot!

Note: I tried to add the video here, but could not. So if you want to see for yourself go to the Pull-Ups website