Friday, March 26, 2010

My Upcoming Week

Okay, so I know I post on here semi-frequently by some bloggers standards anyways. I suppose this past week wasn't all bad. I think I had something like 4 posts this week. I don't anticipate too many posts if any for next week. I just won't be around to do it. Even if I do bring the laptop with me I won't even have internet access where I will be. Egads! No internet! Whatever, or wherever could I be?

Monday starts parent teacher conferences. Now normally parent teacher conferences wouldn't be a bad thing, but when you're the PTA president it means any routine you have established goes right out the window. It means that the title of Stay At Home Mom really isn't true for the week because my time will be mostly spent outside of the home. It means complete exhaustion for me.

Why you may ask would parent teacher conferences cause so much stress for the PTA president? Well, you see this is when we have our book fair. But not only that, but our spring fundraiser is in and we are handing it out. Then on top of that I still have my three children, husband, home, and dog to take care of. Then throw in a few parent teacher conferences that I have to attend into all of this and you have what can only amount to sheer exhaustion.

Here's how it will play out:
Monday Get the children up and ready for school. If my friend's kids don't spend the night to prevent the early morning drop off so they can go to a doctor's appointment then I will have to be prepared for extra children to arrive at my house at 7 a.m. Get everyone fed and to school. From 9-1 I will be at the school running the book fair. Just about every class will be coming down to "shop" the fair on Monday. I will have CJ with me who as I found out today while setting up the book fair will spend most of his time pulling the books off of the shelves, climbing the stairs in the library, and playing with the pens/pencils/erasers.

It's a half day so I will have to get my children at 1 and rush everyone home to have lunch. Give CJ a very late nap. Get the older two children to do their homework and some reading. Clean up a little if I have the energy. Figure out something for dinner. Cook dinner. Clean up after dinner. Then from 6-8 back to the school during evening conference time. Run the book fair and hand out the Avon fundraiser. Come home where hopefully Joe will have all of the children in bed. Maybe count some money and go over some PTA stuff and try to spend a little time with my husband.

Tuesday Get the kids up and off to school. Then I get to come back home. Catch up on the housework that was not done the day before. Put CJ down for a nap. Make lunch for all of the kids and myself. Get CJ up from his nap. Lug him, the lunches, and a cash box to the school. Get the girls and work the book fair from 1-3:30 and hand out fundraisers. Have Natalie's conference at 1:30. Then hopefully get to break away at 2:30 for Kaitlyn's conference. Pack everyone up and go home.

Wednesday Very similar to my Monday. Except, instead of picking up both of the girls after school I'll only pick up Kaitlyn at 1. Hopefully I'll get to bring her out to lunch just the two of us, but it might have to be with CJ too. Then at 3:30 go back to the school to pick up Natalie from drama. Come home and get her going with homework. Then cleaning, dinner, and back to the school for book fair from 6-8 again.

Thursday Since CJ and I will have missed our normal weekly Wednesday playgroup we will join the Thursday group. That will be at the grocery store. After that we will go back to the school to run the book fair until 2. Pack up the book fair and find a place for whatever Avon people didn't end up picking up. Then I will have to pick up the girls and possibly my friend's kids at 3. Bring them all home. Feel relieved that the crazy week is over and we will have a nice long weekend. Not that it will be entirely relaxing, but hopefully the weekend will be filled with lots of quality time with my family making some great Easter memories.

So if you don't hear from me much next week you now know why that is.