Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Natalie

Hi Na Nat,
It's OUR birthday. That's right, I said it, our birthday. The day you were born and the day I became a mother. I cannot believe it has been 11 years. It has been a wonderful ride so far though. You, my dear Natalie, sometimes remind me way too much of myself. Which is most likely why we butt heads. But you are definitely much braver than I was when I was your age. Most of the time I can catch you being an attentive loving big sister to your little sister and brother. Okay, yes it's more to your little brother than it is to your little sister, but I know she has a tendency to be a little too much in your face. I'm sure that will change as you get older though and you will enjoy your little sister more often than not. Lots is changing for you now, but this is all a good thing. I know you are nervous about what is going on as you get older, but this is all a part of life. I hope you begin to embrace most of these changes. Most importantly though I hope you always feel free to talk to someone you trust who is an adult when you have questions about things. Even if it's not me, I want you to always know that I will admire you talking to a trusted adult about all of your troubles.

So my oldest child, thank you for being such a beautiful, smart, caring young lady. Thanks for making me a mom 11 years ago today. I love you always and forever.



PersnicketyProofreader said...

Aww, Monica, that's so sweet! Happy birthday to both of you -- or, more precisely, Happy 11th Birthday to Natalie and Happy 11th Birthing-day to you!

Love and hugs,