Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Comparison of Cakes

Today was my cousin's bridal shower. Less than a month ago I was telling a long tale of a difficult day for my friend's baby shower. I don't think I could have handled another shower like that. So I was determined to make today more enjoyable for me. And I must say I did succeed. I have many pictures to share, but for now I would like to give you a little comparison of the cakes from both showers. Now granted one was a baby shower and one was a bridal shower. One had a photo on it the other did not. One was a sheet cake one was round. But still this is how a cake SHOULD be decorated and how a cake should NOT be decorated.

The bridal shower cake purchased from Sam's Club

The baby shower cake purchased from Stop and Shop

Now which cake would you rather have at your event? I know I was much more pleased with the cake for the bridal shower. Now I know the colors are different and ones a sheet cake and the other a round cake, but still you can see the quality is just much better. The round cake has much neater writing on it and pretty flowers and designs. The sheet cake looked like it was just thrown together without a care. Now I know when I don't want to make my own cakes where I'm going to purchase cakes from.