Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Total Newborn Overload

Okay, so I just saw the teeniest little baby girl I've ever seen. She's such a peanut. Such a cutie though. So without further ado here are the promised pictures of the newborn baby girl. Meet Jazmyn...

Look at that itty bitty little face

CJ's already showing her the ropes

Don't you dare eat me

Baby feet. Don't you just want to eat them up?

Covering her eyes

Natalie holding Jazmyn

Kaitlyn holding Jazmyn

CJ and Natalie with Jazmyn

CJ checking out the baby

CJ and Hunter holding Jazmyn

There are her eyes

There's her nose

So was it worth the wait? The kids were completely enthralled with her. Natalie didn't want to put her down. CJ was very curious about her. He made me nervous, but he did good. He was pretty gentle. He hasn't had too much baby experience so I wasn't sure how he'd be. He wasn't upset when I was holding her. I didn't really think he would be though. Now if Joe had held her that might have been an issue. It was so great getting to meet Baby Jazmyn though. I'm relieved she's doing well after a rough beginning there. She will be coming home tomorrow. And none too soon either because as much as I love my friend's children I am very ready to have my home back.