Friday, April 23, 2010

Natalie's 11th Birthday

I wish I could say Natalie had a great 11th birthday yesterday, but I'm afraid I can't. Not from lack of trying on mine and her part either. We got up in the morning and she had mentioned her throat hurt. Didn't sound too serious though. I baked her cake. Got the kids to eat and get dressed. We went to Target to spend the gift cards the girls had gotten at their party earlier in the week. While at Target Natalie began complaining of a headache. We left there and went to see Joe at work and she was looking pretty miserable. I picked up a few things for her birthday dinner and some children's pain reliever as I was out. After paying I gave Natalie the meds and we headed home for lunch. Natalie still wasn't feeling well though so she didn't eat much. The pain meds began to work though and her headache went away. Daddy came home from work. I started dinner and finishing up her cake. Joe played her new game with her, Mastermind. I finished cooking dinner and her headache was back. Gave her more pain reliever, but she didn't eat dinner. She did however eat her cake and as you will see in the pictures she did put on a happy face. But this was Natalie's 11th birthday...

The very bright pink cake

Singing happy birthday

Blowing out the candles and wishing she felt better I'm sure

Licking the candles

Her piece of cake, the 11

Eating her cake (you can see she's just not feeling right)

Opening her presents

A Miley Cyrus CD from her brother and sister

Ooh pretty

The earrings from mom and dad

She made the Eiffel Tower with her new book on the cats cradle

We found out today that Natalie has strep. No wonder she wasn't feeling right. She's doing better already though with one dose of the meds. The doctor said after 2 doses and if she promises not to kiss anyone she can go out. So because she says she's okay we are attempting to do a girls night out with my cousin tonight. Hopefully that will make up for spending her birthday feeling pretty lousy.