Monday, April 19, 2010

My Attempt at the Up Down Cake

So remember I was wondering if my talents extended this far? Well, I wouldn't say they quite extended that far. I did have to adjust the cake to my ability. Instead of making the people out of frosting I made them out of cookies. And surprisingly enough that was a difficult enough task. That was actually probably what the majority of my time was spent doing. The cake itself I think looked pretty close. The people, well I wish I could make frosting people. I really should take a cake decorating class to truly learn how to do all of this stuff. I'm completely self taught here. My first attempt at using fondant wasn't too bad though. Well, here you tell me.

Does this...

Somewhat resemble this...

The kids were happy with it and that's all that really matters I know. I worked my butt off. I was pleased with it, but I think I've made better looking cakes. In my defense too I don't have all those great cake decorating tools. I improvise on a lot of things. But still, I think I made a great attempt here.