Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haven't Forgotten

I have a post scheduled to post for Natalie's birthday the very minute she was born. So be sure to read that much later tonight or tomorrow morning. But for now this post is dedicated to my Angel Celeste Alia. I have not forgotten the baby girl who would have been so close to sharing a birthday with my first born. I have been thinking of her a lot these past few days. Probably has a lot to do with my friend having a baby girl on Monday. And of course knowing that she came into this world with the cord wrapped around her neck and not breathing for the first part of her life makes it even a little harder not to think of Celeste. Jazmyn is fine which I'm truly grateful for. But I can't help but wonder what could have been. Celeste and Jazmyn would have been about a year apart in age. Most likely would have grown up together. But for whatever reason it was not meant to be. Perhaps it was Celeste who came down to help baby Jazmyn breathe again. Watching over the little girl who would have been her buddy. It sure is nice to think of Celeste as Jazmyn's guardian angel. When I first held Jazmyn I was instantly brought back to holding Celeste. Her head so very small and round. The hospital hat slipping off every two seconds because it really was too big. I miss you Celeste Alia! Keep watching over us and baby Jazmyn. Keep us safe. We love you!