Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monica's Musings #4

Wow, two of my musings in one week. What is going on? Truth be told I want to write a blog post, but there's so much little mundane stuff to write about. They really don't each deserve their own blog post. It's the normal day in and day out of being a mom really. But I want to blog! And since this is about my life and all aspects of it (including the boring and mundane stuff) I'm going to write about it. It can't all be fun fun fun right?

*I have spent everyday this week at the doctor's office. Well, at the surgeons office. My cyst is healing up nicely though and I am hoping tomorrow is my last day there. I'm feeling much better really.

*Who would have thought a surgeon would also be an expert in dermatology? My doctor sent me to the doctor for my abcess, but wanted him to check my Rosecea too. She said he knows a lot about this kind of stuff. I guess she was right because he has started treating me for that as well. He says it looks better already. I don't know that I see a difference. I'll have to give it more time.

*I have a 2 year old boy right now who thinks eating and sleeping are optional. He is so crabby. Poor kid is drooling non stop though. It's like Niagra Falls coming out of his mouth. So you know what that means, right? He's teething. And since he's 2 that means it's molars. And that means he is just miserable. Lets hope these teeth hurry up and get in. I wish I could say I could see what's going on in there, but I can't get a good look.

*Every time I think I have made a decision about where to put Kaitlyn for school next year I begin to doubt myself. Go with your first instincts though, right? I'm truly thinking it might actually be best for Kaitlyn to go to the school in our district. A change of scenery and people looking at what's going on with her could do her some good. And truth be told it could do me some good too. I'm beginning to feel that my thoughts and opinions are not as respected as I thought they were in this school. Boy am I going to miss PTA though and boy do I hate leaving my wonderful officers with no one to replace me. I really have to do what's best for my girl though.

*So if Kaitlyn goes to the school that's in district that means she will be bused. And if she's bused then I can put CJ in the 3 year old pre-k program they have. And I know he is ready for it, but I don't know if I'm ready for it. I got a little glimpse yesterday of how he can handle a school like setting without me. I left him with my friends at playgroup yesterday while I went to the doctor. The report that I got when I came back was he did really well. He never asked for me. He did look around like hey I know mom was here where'd she go, but never cried. When he needed to find an adult to sit with he stood in the middle of the circle unsure of what to do until my friend offered her lap and he happily sat down with her. So I know this would do him a world of good.

*We have an orientation for Natalie to go to the middle school next year. When did this happen exactly? When did I become the mom to an almost middle schooler? Eleven years goes by so fast.

*We are all happily getting ready for my cousin's wedding in less than a month. We will spend a weekend in New Jersey checking out the sites in New York. The kids are all very excited and have accumulated quite a bit of spending cash for our trip. And what works out even better is both girls have a field trip their first day back to school after our fun filled weekend. So the fun just doesn't end for them. What a nice way to ease back into school.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed the mundane parts of my life and what has been on my mind over the week.