Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Climbing Stairs

We don't have any stairs actually inside of our apartment. And we don't let CJ play on the stairs outside on the front or back of the house. They are just way too dangerous and steep here and well it's freezing outside right now anyways. So when I was asked the other day if he climbs stairs yet I immediately said no he doesn't get the opportunity to even try which is fine by me. So imagine my surprise at playgroup today when he was doing it! And of course me without my camera.

Our weekly playgroup which is run through the FRC (Family Resource Center) is at the girl's school. So convenient. I drop them off at school and go right downstairs to the library for some playtime and snack and story. I've been attending this playgroup since before Natalie even started going to school there. And it has been non stop since then. The kids love it and quite frankly I love it too.

So the library has four small steps to get down into it at the school. And that's where playgroup is. So we got there today and we were playing and CJ was in such a great mood today. Big smile on his face the whole time. He's walking around (with help still) and playing with a good friend of mines children and stuff. Then he decides after climbing in and out of the block box that this just wasn't exciting enough for him anymore. So he crawls over to a table and then with much stealth maneuvers himself around the table till he gets to the end. Then he sees another table that he wants to get to. So he pushes a chair over to it and grabs on. Touching everything along the way mind you. He gets to the end of that table (the art table so there was lots to distract him there) and then decides he wants to keep going. So he grabs onto the book shelves and thankfully wasn't distracted too much by the books and walks himself to the end of one of the book shelves. And what's at the end of that book shelf?


I thought there's no way he's going to climb up them, but stayed close by just in case. He watched another little boy about 9 months older than him climbing up the stairs and then almost seemed to think to himself hey I can do that too. And off he want. Crawled right up those four stairs no problem. Got to the top, stopped, and gave the whole room a huge smile like hey look what I just did. I took him back down before he could fall down them and he went right back for them and did the same thing again. Such a look of accomplishment on his face at what he could do.

It was time to clean up the toys though so I was able to distract him and get him to put the blocks way. I think he would have repeated going up those stairs all morning long if I let him. But he couldn't. And I am so thankful that I have no stairs for him to experiment with at home. At least not until the spring gets here and we go outside again to play. That will be scary though if he tries to climb the porch stairs. And from now on I think I will have to try to remember to always have my camera with me. I swear it's always the time that you don't have it that they do something like this. Daddy is going to be so proud of his boy though when he hears what he did today!


Tracey said...

Now the important thing is to teach him how to go back DOWN the stairs.

Such an accomplishment!