Friday, January 9, 2009

Is she getting back on track?

Kaitlyn worries me sometimes so much. School is just not her thing already and she's only six. She tries so hard though, but it just doesn't come as easily to her as it seems to for Natalie. That's gotta be discouraging in itself. But anyways reading is her biggest trouble area. Well, spelling too, but that all goes together. She gets a spelling test every week. Now I quiz her on her words at home and she always gets them right at home. Now granted she studies them right before I'll quiz her. But then at school she usually has 3 out of 10 wrong. And much to my dismay she had 5 out of 10 wrong before Christmas break. I couldn't discuss it with her teacher though at that time. I was going to talk to her this week, but the weather hasn't exactly cooperated and I haven't found myself actually at the school all that much. We worked extra hard on her spelling this week though and it paid off. She only got one wrong on her test. She was so proud as was I. And to make things even better her reading teacher sent home a note about Kaitlyn's reading. She read a DRA level 5 book perfect today. Her reading teacher sounded so optimistic. However, she'll be tested soon on her reading by her teacher and she needs to be a DRA level of 8. Now I'm unclear on a few things which I will be asking about next week. Her reading teacher said for her to pass she needed to read a DRA level 8. Well, I'm unsure if she doesn't pass this test does that mean she'll have to stay back? I know they'll test again probably in May so I can't see why that would determine her future for next year. I'm not sure she'll actually be able to do it. She's only actually reading DRA books up to Level 7. Hopefully her teacher holds off on testing her until the end of the month to give her a little more time. I still worry about her. I wish I knew what would make this easier for her. I love seeing her make progress though. And I'm relieved that I have such a great relationship with her reading teacher that she actually sends me notes or stops me in the hall when she sees me to tell me of any progress that Kaitlyn is making.