Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week In Review: January 18 - January 24 2009

I thought I would try something new with WIR (Week In Review). A little synopsis of what we've been up to in a given week.

Sunday: I did laundry all day. Fun fun fun.

Monday: There was no school. So we just hung out at home. A nice relaxing day. One where CJ started standing.

Tuesday: CJ had his cranial tech appointment. We got the good news that he only has 6-8 more weeks in the band. He will most likely exit treatment once he outgrows this band. There will probably be a little flatness, but they don't think a 3rd band will do any more. So there's light at the end of this tunnel. Then that night was Natalie's concert. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already here.

Wednesday: Playgroup day. We had lots of fun showing off CJ's new skill of standing.

Thursday: CJ had therapy. We met the nutritionist who told us how to fatten CJ up. It's as simple as adding butter, mayonnaise, cheese, or anything fattening to his food. We found out also that CJ is at age level for everything. His therapist will continue coming out until May when we've been receiving services for a year and she'll have to make everything official. Way to go CJ!

Friday: I had my appointment with my Gynecologist. This was the first time I had been to see her since we lost Celeste. I also just got my period back on Thursday which is a little depressing. We have no more answers to why Celeste died. All of the millions of tests they did turned up nothing. So we still only have it was a cord accident as an answer. Our landlord came up on this evening too to work on our leaky toilet.

Saturday: Our landlord was supposed to come up in the morning to repair the toilet. He did not call until nearly noon though and wanted to come up in an hour or so. His hour is more like four hours so we told him we were going out. We went to the local consignment shop to consign some clothes, then stopped at a car dealer to look at a new car for me, and then off to Walmart to buy diapers and other things for the house. We were home before 4, but our landlord wasn't. He came home shortly after five and came up shortly thereafter. He worked on our toilet for nearly three hours and it's still broken. He claims he'll be back Monday to fix it. There is still water leaking onto my floor though. Needless to say I am getting slightly aggravated that he hasn't fixed this yet and can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Hopefully I'll be able to report next week that I didn't have to continue to clean up water off my bathroom floor.

So that's this Week In Review for January 18th through January 24th. All in all not a bad week. Everyone's healthy so that's always a good week.


Erin said...

Oh man Monica... it must be hard to have no solid answer for what happened to your precious little girl. I know "cord accident" is what they will call it.. but ... gosh... I am sorry....

Sounds like a good week... minus the leaky toilet! and WAY TO GO CJ!!!!!!! YAY!