Monday, January 26, 2009

Things that annoy me

1. People who say, "What's wrong with him?" in reference to CJ's helmet. Not just saying it, but running up to me to say it and catching me completely off guard as I'm loading groceries into my car. Nothings wrong with him what's wrong with you?

2. Telling Kaitlyn over and over again to pick her clothes up off the floor. But then when she does she puts dirty clothes in with the clean clothes.

3. CJ finding the power button on my computer and turning it off on me.

4. A landlord who thinks he knows how to fix things, but every time he does he just makes things worse than they were before.

5. Spill proof cups that aren't really spill proof.

6. Whiney children.

7. Natalie talking back to me constantly. And worse yet knowing that it's only going to get worse the older she gets.

8. Joe complaining every time he takes the garbage out about how often he has to take it out like it's my fault that it fills up quickly or something.

9. The never ending pile of laundry.

10. When a person's pocket is hanging out.

These are just some of my annoyances lately. Just felt like sharing.