Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Both girls conferences are now over and I think I've processed long enough so it's time to share.

Nothing new with Natalie. Got the same she's a pleasure to have in class. She's trustworthy and works very hard. She's in the high math group and high reading group in 5th grade. They switch classes to help them get used to it in middle school next year. So she was going to a different teacher for science and has just started her social studies with a different teacher. The big thing to report with her is she's going to be tested for the gifted program. I don't have too much information about it, but obviously this is a good thing. Doors are just going to be wide open for her future she's so smart. I'm very proud of her.

Now for Kaitlyn. Nothing really new with her either. She's also a pleasure to have in class. She works hard, but she's still very much struggling with reading. The reading teacher came in to talk to me a little too. They are trying to build her confidence. She's definitely beginning to feel defeated in reading. And unfortunately or maybe it's fortunately her teacher does not see the same things in Kaitlyn that I do at home with the forgetfulness, losing things, and not paying attention. She filled out the ADHD paper for her that I gave her from the doctor and based on her assessment of her she does not have it. However, the doctor said she'd go just based on the parent assessment anyways. She just wanted to try to get the school involved because they danced around her attentiveness in her psychological screening. I wasn't able to speak with the school pyschologist again, but I'm going to try to catch him this week. I will also be calling her doctor to let her know where we stand with this diagnosis. I have been having more and more issues with Kaitlyn at home and she's just getting further and further behind with her reading. We need to do something and the school doesn't get it. They keep telling me she has her reading strategies (look at the picture, get your mouth ready, etc.) but she goes too quick and doesn't look at the whole word. They don't seem to think it has anything to do with how they teach her. So this will probably be a constant battle with them. Her teacher is going to talk to Kaitlyn about being more responsible with her homework though and doing her work. And then her teacher wants me to check in with her in a couple of weeks to see how things are going.

So I'm always glad to hear that my kids behave so well at school. In Kaitlyn's case I almost wish she didn't sometimes because then maybe the school would want to do more for her. But we'll keep plugging along here.