Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week In Review: October 18 - October 24, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for October 18 - October 24, 2009

Sunday: Took it easy to start the day. Joe went to work. I gave the kids lunch. Put CJ down for a nap. Dozed on the couch for a few. Joe came home from work. I started washing dishes and getting laundry going. Cooked dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen. Made the girls take a shower. Got them in bed. Continued with laundry. Joe put a movie on. I couldn't get into it. So I worked on CJ's invitations. Joe wasn't able to get into a movie and got messaged online from one of our friends that their gas stove wasn't working. So he went to check on that. I continued with the invites. Couldn't figure out how I wanted to word things so waited until Joe got home. Finally came up with something and finished all of those up. Got them in the envelopes and mostly addressed and ready to go. Folded more laundry. Took a shower. Played around on the computer. Went to bed way too late.

Monday: The result of going to bed too late is waking up too late too. Jumped out of bed at 8 and realized the girls who get themselves up in the morning weren't up. So went to yell at them. They dragged their feet. I got dressed and ready to go. Brought the girls to school late. Went down to the library to do something and talk to my PTA secretary. Then came home and put Box Tops on sheets. When I finally finished that it was time for CJ to have lunch. Joe gave him that and he went down for a nap. Then I washed some more laundry and made a list of a few things we needed at the store. Went to the store and got all the way to check out when I realized I didn't have a way to pay. So I had to leave the stuff and go home to get my debit card back from Joe. All the way back to the store to pay and then went to the mailbox to drop the invites in. The mailbox was right in front of this guys house and there were cars coming so I pulled in his driveway to turn around, but just decided to hop out while there and toss them in the mailbox. Probably not the best idea since the guy was in his driveway. I got all the way back in my car, door closed, buckled in and about to back out when he chose to say something to me. I apologized for using his driveway and he continued to go on and on. What more could I do at this point? So I rolled up my window and proceeded to back out and get out of there. He was motioning to me I think because I ran over the curb a little. Probably not actually his property at that point and more the city's property, but whatever. Drove home flustered by my experiences of the day. Put the groceries away and calmed down. Did some more laundry and had lunch. CJ got up from his nap. I changed him. Went to the school to pick up the girls. Talked to Natalie's teacher about her class helping clean pumpkins on Friday. Then came home and the kids started homework. Joe went to work. I made a phone call to Kaitlyn's teacher because she said a boy spit on her. Helped with homework and relaxed before having to start dinner. I made bacon and eggs. We ate. Got the kids ready for bed. Sent them to bed and I just took it easy for the rest of the night. Joe came home from work. I was pretty exhausted by then and fell asleep on the couch. Then I got up to go to bed about an hour later.

Tuesday: This time the kids were up on time. I got up reluctantly and got them ready for school. I brought the girls to school and went in to check how much paint we had for our Fall Festival. Saw my friend on the way in so stopped to chat with her. And on the way out I ran into another friend so I chatted with her for a few then went home. Hung around and took care of some e-mailing. Put CJ down for a nap. Washed dishes. Then made another invitation for Joe's niece and nephew. Mailed that out and had something to eat. Got ready to go back to the school to meet with the school psychologist about Kaitlyn. That was a waste of time. Spent all of 10 minutes with him. Despite us having a meeting scheduled he didn't know why we were meeting and had very little thoughts on Kaitlyn. He's being very vague about whether or not he thinks she has ADD. Now he's saying he didn't see any attention issues with her in class during his observations of her. However, last year he noted some attention issues in his evaluation of her. He's supposed to write something up about her. He suggested giving Kaitlyn a check list to help us at home with her. Great, another thing for her to lose. That should work. He's going to try to get it to me Friday, but it seems like it's not a priority to him so I'm not holding my breath for it. He isn't sure where the questionaire he had her teacher from last year fill out is. So he's supposed to find that too. Like I said a huge waste of time. So anyways I came home and told Joe about this experience. Then I had to go back to the school to pick up the girls. I spoke to Kaitlyn's teacher about the spit kid. She didn't seem too pleased with my solution of Kaitlyn avoiding him. She wants Kaitlyn to stand up for herself and tell kids when they do something she doesn't like. Okay, but if this kid has a problem and spits when he talks, then that's not going to help. She's still going to be spit on. So I told her not to start conversations with him. If he talks to her she can talk back and if he spits on her she needs to tell him she does not like that and tell her teacher. We came home and started homework. Joe left for work. I continue to fight with Kaitlyn about her homework. CJ continues to give me fits. I started dinner. Got the kids all fed. Then had them get ready for bed. Sent them to bed and Joe came home early. The girls were still up when he came home so he went in there to yell at them. Then we watched some TV together before going to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at my usual time. Got the kids ready for school. Joe left for work. I took a shower. Got CJ dressed and ready for playgroup and to bring the girls to school. We walked to the school. CJ and I had a good time at playgroup and came home. Gave him lunch and put him down for a nap. Then I took advantage of the peace and quiet and just relaxed. Before I knew it though it was time to get CJ up from his nap and get the girls from school. Got the girls, chatted with the principal for a few, and came home. Helped the girls with their homework. Joe came home from work and got the kids all riled up. We had dinner. I folded some laundry. Joe cleaned out the refrigerator and took out the garbage. I folded some laundry. We put the kids to bed and then Joe and I watched some TV before going to bed.

Thursday: Got up and Joe wasn't here. I completely forgot he had to go to work early. I got the kids ready for school. We walked to school. Came back home and took it easy. I cleaned up a little. Fed CJ lunch. Put him down for a nap. Then I laid down too. Joe came home from work. CJ got up from his nap. We went to the store to get some fall festival things. Went to the school and picked up the girls. Came home and the girls worked on their homework. When they finished we went to my friend's house to drop the girls off and take her husband with us to get the pumpkins for the fall festival. Got the pumpkins and brought them to the school to put them behind the stage. Then went back to my friend's house for our kids. They invited us to stay for dinner. So we did. We were there pretty late. Came home and put the kids to bed and then Joe and I watched some TV. Cut up some t-shirts to use for rags on the pumpkins and then went to bed.

Friday: Got up and got ready to leave. I had a lot of things to get together. Got everything I needed and then went to the school. Faxed fundraiser orders. Popped popcorn. Cleaned pumpkins. Came home and counted popcorn money. Then I created a sign for the M&M guessing. Joe went out with our friends while I stayed home with CJ while he napped. I finished my sign and took a shower. Got out and got ready to go pick the girls up from school. CJ got up from his nap and we went to the school where I met Joe and our friends. Got the kids and came home. Natalie had some homework to do. Our friends offered to take the kids so they packed stuff for their overnight. We had dinner and went back to the school for our Fall Festival. After the Fall Festival we brought the kids to our friend's house. Left them there and went and rented a movie. Came home and I counted money. Joe and I decided it was too late to watch our movie so we just went to bed.

Saturday: Got up to a quiet house. Played around on the computer for a while. Joe finally got up and we watched our movie. Then we went to pick the kids up from my friend's house. Hung out there for a while and came home. Joe had to leave for work. I put CJ down for a nap. Then the girls were playing and discovered a dead mouse in the kitchen. I swept that thing out the door and called Joe. I'm hoping there are no more. I did a few things around the house including the dishes. Ordered some pizza. Fed the kids. Put CJ to bed. Let the girls stay up. Joe came home from work. We watched some TV with the girls and sent them to bed. Then Joe and I relaxed for the evening.

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