Friday, October 30, 2009

My Ta Da List

So remember my To Do List from earlier in the day? Well, here's what I accomplished. Or my Ta Da list. The things I did are in green. The things that still need to be done are in orange.

1. Pop popcorn at the school
2. Go to the bank
3. Wash some laundry
4. Put CJ down for a nap
5. Finish cleaning up the living room
6. Clean the kitchen this was done, but needs to be done again as I dirtied it again
7. Clean the bathroom
8. Wash the floors
9. Vacuum the living room
10. Bake CJ's cake
11. Pick the girls up from school
12. Make dinner
13. Carve pumpkins
14. Put together the goody bags
15. Cut up vegetables for the veggie platter
16. Make jello for the Witches Brew

So I guess all in all I didn't do too bad. I'm glad I didn't wash the floors because I would just be doing it all over again after the pumpkin adventure. And Joe's going to take care of the vacuuming in the morning. He needs to move a TV out of my way anyways for a good job to be done. The kitchen isn't too much of a mess. So I think I'll be able to get everything done on time. Well, assuming I'm feeling okay. I have gotten very achy as the day has progressed. I'm hoping a good nights sleep will take care of that. Lets hope I'm not coming down with something.