Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week In Review: October 11 - October 17, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for October 11 - October 17, 2009

Sunday: Got up at a decent time. CJ was awake. Joe was already gone and at work. It was very cold in the apartment so I turned the heat on. Got CJ and gave him some juice and cuddled with him under the blanket for a little while until the heat kicked in. Then I fed him breakfast and had something to eat myself. He played nicely while I watched some soaps. Then I fed him lunch and made something for myself and Joe came home from work. He put CJ down for a nap and we watched some things we had DVRed. We got a phone call from a friend inviting us over for dinner and we accepted. I finally got dressed and started cleaning up the living room and washing dishes. My mom called to tell us they were going to be a little late with the girls because they had forgotten something at the house and had to go back for it. Joe decided then that it was a good time to move the couch down away from the wall like we've been meaning to do to keep CJ from trying to climb the shelves on the wall. Of course that left us with a big mess still in our living room when my parents showed up with the girls. So we had them coming in and just dropping all of their stuff and I was still trying to put things away. CJ got up from his nap and my parents stayed at the house for another 2 hours or so. They finally left and we went over our friends house for dinner. Had a very nice time there and stayed way too late. Didn't come home until just before midnight. Sent the kids right to bed and then Joe and I went in our bedroom to watch some TV.

Monday: I was woken up early by work going on outside my window. I couldn't go back to sleep. So I got up. Started working on the fundraisers. The kids slept late. When they finally got up we went to Denny's for something to eat. Then we decided to go apple picking. We invited some friends along. So we all went and did that and had a good time. Except Joe sprained his ankle. We went and got something for dinner and then came home and watched TV and ate. The kids went to take a shower and then went to bed. I finished up the fundraisers and then went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up and took a shower. Natalie wasn't feeling well so we were trying to figure out if she was going to school or not. She ended up going to school. It was only a half day. I last minute put together change for the book fair. Rushed the kids to school. I went to the office to get some information I needed and then went down to the book fair just as the first class was arriving. I worked the book fair until 1 and then got the kids and came home. Fed them lunch and worked on homework. Cleaned up a little. Started dinner. Had to feed the kids early so I could go to the school for book fair and Kaitlyn's conference. Joe ended up calling out of work because of his sprained ankle. So he stayed home with the kids and our friend came over with their kids. Went to the book fair. Worked that until 8. Had Kaitlyn's conference during that time too. Brought my friend back to my house. We counted the book fair money. One of the kids stepped on Natalie's eye so she was not happy about that. Our friends left and we put the kids to bed and then watched some TV before going to bed.

Wednesday: Got up early to bring Joe to work. The girls were dragging their feet. That made Joe late. I brought the kids right to school to have breakfast. I also wanted to find out if we were still having playgroup at the park giving the weather was cold. We were. So I brought CJ down to the park where it was freezing and he had a blast. We left playgroup and came right home where I put CJ down for a nap. I wasn't feeling well so I tried to rest before I had to go pick up the kids at school and work book fair all afternoon. Then I had to make lunch for everyone. Got CJ up from his nap and rushed to the school. Couldn't find any parking. Was cursing the fact that I needed to be in there already and had all of this stuff to carry and had to park so far away because they don't have enough parking. Someone was leaving so I took their spot and rushed in nearly dropping CJ. Got down to the library for book fair and there was a crowd of people there. So I jumped in to help while my kids were all trying to greet me and ask me a million questions. Got through the crowd, got my kids situated with lunch, and finally got a minute to breathe. Worked the book fair until 3:30 then came home for just a few before having to go to pick Joe up from work. We had to pick up a few groceries. Got something for dinner and then went to pay our electric bill and came home. Cooked dinner. Worked on fundraisers. Put the kids to bed. Watched some TV with Joe and went to bed.

Thursday: Got up and panicked about the weather report. Joe had to be at work. I was going to walk the kids to school because I had to pick up my friend's 4 kids who can't all fit in my van to bring them home. But the weather was calling for rain in the afternoon. Joe had to work until 2 and my friend wouldn't be back before then and the kids had a half day again and were out at 1. I decided I had no choice, but to bring Joe to work. So I did and then came home and got the kids ready for school. Brought them to school and went to check with my friend to make sure she wouldn't mind if I left her oldest (11) home with Natalie for no more than 30 minutes so I could pick Joe up from work. She said fine. I hung around to make sure she got help at the book fair and when she did I left. Came home and did some stuff around the house. Took a shower. Washed dishes. And before I knew it I had to be at the school for book fair again. Went to the school and worked that. Then got the six children I had to bring home and brought them home for lunch. Joe had called and said he got a ride home from work so I didn't have to pick him up now. So I fed all the kids lunch and got the older ones started on homework and put CJ down for a nap. Joe came home from work and shortly after my friend came to get her kids. It was snowing out in October. Crazy New England weather. Counted up book fair money and ordered pizza for dinner. Fed everyone and then went back to the school to work the book fair again. Lit my candle at 7 for Pregnancy Loss Remembrance day. Got to leave the book fair early. So we were home before 8 and got the kids in bed on time. I had something to eat and then worked on the fundraiser some more. Then I watched TV and fell asleep on the couch. Got up and went to bed.

Friday: Got up and got everyone ready to leave the house early again. We went to the school. The kids had breakfast there. We started popping popcorn. Sold popcorn and cleaned up from that. Went to check on the people in the book fair and then left to come home and put the cash box in the house and grab the fundraiser stuff. Joe got something to eat and gave CJ something to eat and then we went over our friend's house to help them move. Helped there for a little while and then I took my friend to the school to close up the book fair. We got that all cleaned up and went to meet the men at their new apartment. Helped there for a little while and then went to drop the fundraiser stuff in the Fed Ex box. Then we came home and put CJ down for a nap. I went to pick up all the kids from school including my friend's kids. Dropped them off at their new house and then went home. Joe had to leave for work so he took the car and I called the cable company to pay the cable bill. I ordered something for dinner and we ate. I gave CJ a bath because he had ketchup all over him. Then I put him to bed and let the girls stay up until Joe came home from work. He got home and the girls stayed up a little later watching some TV with us before going to bed. Joe and I didn't stay up too much longer before we went to bed too.

Saturday: I got up early and checked the weather. Looked like the weather was going to work out for our outdoor plans after all. The kids slowly got up and ate. And I got dressed and we left the house by 11 to go pumpkin picking. First we had to drop some books off at the library though. Then we went to the farm. I talked to the farmer about picking up our pumpkins for the school this week. Then we went down and picked up our own pumpkins. We had a lot of fun. After we went to Sam's club to pick up some things for PTA. Although, we didn't realize Sams Club moved. So we luckily stumbled upon it and got what we needed. They overcharged me for something so I had to go get reimbursed and fight a little about it. The sign was on my side though so I got the money back. Then we went over to Stew Leonards for the kids to see all the fun things there. We did a hay maze and then went in and got some cookies to snack on. Then we left there and headed back towards home. I called our friend who was moving to see if we could stop by with something for them. So we went over there. I had some curtains for my friend to put up on her bedroom door because she has french doors with glass going into her bedroom and needs something for privacy. She was going to make something, but I knew that wouldn't be able to happen right away and they are going to want privacy. So we dropped those off and helped with a few things and then left. We went to Iparty to look for invitations, but they didn't have what I wanted. So we went to Walmart and still couldn't find what we wanted, but did find some halloween costumes for the girls. I ended up getting some paper too to make my own invitations. We got a few other things we needed and left. Stopped at a Redbox to get a movie. Rented two movies and then went to get some KFC for dinner. Came home and got the kids their food. Then I decided to wash dishes. Did that while Joe replaced our toilet seat and then we ate dinner. Got the kids ready for bed. Put CJ to bed and the girls watched their movie while Joe and I counted M&M's for the guess how many M&M's are in the jar for the schools fall festival. Then I worked on CJ's invites. Got those all designed and cut out. Just need to write in them. The girls movie ended and we sent them to bed. We were going to watch our movie, but Joe ended up chatting with a million people at once online and I fell asleep waiting for him to start the movie. So we just went to bed.

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