Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week In Reivew October 4, 2009 - October 10, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for October 4 - October 10, 2009

Sunday: Got up and played around on the computer. Then the kids got up so I changed CJ and fed them. After that I wrapped a birthday present for a party we had to go to. Then I sent the girls to get dressed and I took a shower. Joe dressed CJ for me. I got dressed and brought Joe to work. Then we headed to our family friend's birthday party. After that we came home and I put CJ down for a short nap. The girls and I had a little something to eat. Natalie lost a tooth. Then I got CJ up and went to pick Joe up from work. We returned movies and picked up some bread and came home. We made dinner. I sent the girls to take a shower. Cleaned up CJ and got him ready for bed. We watched a little TV before sending the kids to bed. Then Joe and I stayed up watching TV before we finally went to bed too.

Monday: Got up in the morning and made sure everyone was getting ready. Got dressed and brought the girls to school. I went in with them. Sent them to class and went down to the FRC to make arrangements with them about playgroup for next week during the PTA's book fair. Ended up chatting about other stuff as well. Went up to the office to pick up the fundraisers. They decided to do an all call to get more fundraisers in so I had to wait around for those. I talked to the principal some more about our Friday popcorn and a few more fundraisers came in. Then I rushed home to an angry Joe because he was wondering where I was. He had to be at work, but we had plenty of time. I dropped the fundraiser stuff on the table and then brought Joe to work. Came home to get a receipt to return something to Walmart. Returned that and came back home. Started working on some PTA stuff. Fed CJ lunch and got a phone call from someone about their fundraiser. So that prompted me to start going through the fundraisers a little to see if I could find the one that was called about. I did not find it, but I did find one where I couldn't find the money. So I called the person who claimed it was in the book. I explained that I looked through the whole thing and couldn't find it. She rudely said her daughter probably left it in her backpack and wanted me to tell her to look. Ugh, so I called her teacher and left a message. Then went through some more fundraisers and found the envelope. So I called the parent back who was still rude and acted like there was no reason for me to call. Ummm, if my child had lost fundraiser money I'd be concerned. Got off the phone with her though and put CJ down for a nap. Then I continued checking the fundraisers, but I couldn't find the one that was called about. So I called that person back and told her the child must have not handed it in yet. Got off the phone with her and prepared things for my PTA meeting. Then I did some laundry and put dishes away. Went to the school to pick the kids up and then the bank. Then came home to swap out laundry and do some dishes real quick and then off to pick Joe up from work. Got him and came home to finish dishes and vacuum. Then our friends came over. The men and children were hanging out at the house while the women were going to PTA. So we got dinner started for them and then left for PTA. Had a very nice turn out at our meeting and even a few volunteers for things which is always nice. Plus got feedback and suggestions for things. After our meeting we chatted for a few and then we came back to my house. The men had the children all fed and bathed (well my friend's children were bathed mine weren't, but didn't really need it either). They were all in pj's though. We heated up the food so the adults could eat. Then we hung around chatting for way too long. They didn't leave until 9:45 which was way past all of our kids bedtimes. So I sent the girls right to bed (CJ was already there). Then Joe and I watched some TV. I went through the fundraisers I had picked up in the afternoon and then went to take a shower. Then Joe and I went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up and wash shocked to see the kids actually up and getting ready. The tooth fairy finally came for Natalie so she was happy. They made their snack and washed up and we left early to go have breakfast at the school. Enjoyed breakfast and then chatted with some people and went up to the office to check if there were more fundraisers. Then we went to the pre-k classroom where they had clothes to give away to see if I could find some pants for the girls. I didn't have much luck, but I did find a few things. And the pre-k teacher says she has more in her car so she'll look for pants for us. Came home and was surprisingly exhausted. Did a few things around the house and fed CJ lunch and put him down for a nap. Then I laid down to take a nap. Got woken up by a fundraiser phone call. I needed to get up though. Washed some dishes and then left early to get the kids from school. I needed to get the book fair class sign up sheet in the office and wanted to talk to my PTA secretary. I couldn't find her. So I did a few other things and then waited for the kids to be dismissed. I picked up a friend's son and got my girls and came home. Checked the girls papers and got Kaitlyn going with homework. Then we had to leave to go get my friend's other child from school and Joe went to work. Got my friend's daughter and walked all the kids back home. Then their father came to pick them up. Coaxed them to leave by promising them a chance to color on my window with window crayons before they went. Works every time. Then my fun began. You can read all about my stressful evening here. I was happy to have the kids in bed. Joe came home and I told him of my stressful evening and he surprised me with a treat of peanut butter cups. Yummy! So we watched TV and I pigged out on peanut butter cups. Then I showered and went to bed.

Wednesday: Got up early to make sure the girls were getting ready. It started out as a very rainy Wednesday. Got CJ dressed and me dressed and found something for CJ to eat for breakfast on the go and we left to bring Joe to work. Then we went right to the school and up to Natalie's classroom so she could get math help. I am proud to say that the wording I was using to help Natalie convert measurements was the wording her teacher was using. Such a relief. I sent Kaitlyn down to get breakfast and stayed with Natalie to help show her teacher where her troubles were. I think we figured out the problem and hope she did it right on the test. Brought her down to get breakfast and said goodbye to her and went to playgroup. CJ played nicely at playgroup and we came home. I fed him lunch and put him down for a nap and then I went through his toy box. Reorganized all the toys and then I ate lunch. Then I cleaned the carpets. Before I knew it was time to get the girls. So I got CJ up and changed him and put his shoes on and we went to the school. Came home and they started homework while I vacuumed the carpet. Had some issues with Kaitlyn and her homework which erupted into a fight. Finally got her squared away and made a shopping list and went to pick Joe up from work. We did grocery shopping and came home and put everything away and I washed dishes. Then cooked dinner. Sent the girls to finish cleaning their rooms. Got CJ ready for bed and the girls ready and sent them to bed. Then I just vegged on the couch watching TV completely exhausted from the day. I ended up falling asleep. Got up and went to bed.

Thursday: Another day. Got up early and started laundry. Got the kids ready for school. Argued with Natalie about the pants she was wearing. Joe went to work and I walked the kids to school. Came home and did more laundry and listened to CJ scream for what seemed like forever. Cleaned the kitchen. CJ screamed. Did more laundry. Came back and CJ was getting into my desk again. When I removed him he screamed. Went to finish clean off the back porch and CJ screamed. Cleaned up the dining room and CJ screamed. Finally time to feed him lunch and put him down for a nap. Ahhh, peace. Did more laundry. Cleaned the bathroom. Mopped the floors. Folded laundry. Took a shower. Got dressed. My friend came over to stay with CJ so I could go to Natalie's parent teacher conference. Joe came home from work early and came with me to her conference. It was a good conference. I will report next week after I get through both of their conferences. Came home where our friends were here watching CJ. He had gotten up. So they were playing with him. They hung around. I did more laundry and made fudge. Had something to eat. Then we went to pick up the kids from school. We came home. They did homework. Cleaned up some more. I started dinner. Our friends came back over for dinner with their kids and so did my BIL with his kids. Glad our friends were there because it made the visit with my BIL that much more bearable. He made a bit of a hasty exit with a lame excuse. I prepared food for him to bring with him and some for our friends to take home too. I sent the girls to take a shower and our friends got ready to leave too. We said our goodbyes and put the kids to bed. Then Joe and I just relaxed. Cleaned up the kitchen again and went to bed.

Friday: Up bright and early. Kids had picture day so I had to make sure they were picture perfect. Natalie was a picture perfect mess of wrinkles. So out comes the ironing board and iron. This probably hasn't been pulled out since the last picture day. I never iron. I hate ironing. I don't see much need in ironing. But at 7 this morning I was ironing. Got them all presentable and filled out their picture day slips and a check for each of them. Got their money together for popcorn and juice snack and brought them to school. Got the popcorn machine out to begin popping and sent them off to have breakfast at the school. Spent the morning popping popcorn until around 10:30. I think we might have things down. Then went to Walmart to get new wiper blades and check out the halloween stuff. Also ended up buying the kids new pumpkins and light necklaces. Came home and put CJ down for a nap. Then I counted the popcorn money and had something to eat and began checking my e-mail when I realized ooops, I was supposed to be at my friend's house to help with Box Tops 20 minutes ago. So I went over her house and helped her out and then picked the kids up from school. Came back home and got the girls changed and packed for a weekend with grandma and grandpa. My dad came and got them and then Joe and I went out with CJ to pick up a movie. We then went looking at IParty for costumes. Then went to get something to eat and off to Target to check there. Had no luck finding the halloween costume I wanted for CJ. So we came home and put CJ to bed and I checked online. I think I found something and possibly something for the girls. Started watching a movie, but couldn't get into it so played around on the computer a little and then went to bed.

Saturday: I was woken up early by CJ crying. His sisters left their alarm on which woke him up. So I got up with him and fed him breakfast. Joe got up and we hung around the house. I ended up falling asleep on the couch. Woke up to the phone ringing. It was a friend of ours looking for some help moving furniture. So Joe went over there and I stayed with CJ while he napped. Then I got him up and went over to our friend's house too. We stayed over there for about an hour and then came home. Joe got ready for work and left. That left just me and CJ for the rest of the night. I reheated us some leftovers for dinner. Gave him a bath and put him to bed. Then I started working on the fundraisers. Always a fun thing to see how people will turn something so simple into something so complicated. When Joe got home from work we watched the other movie we had rented the night before but didn't get a chance to watch.

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